Mount Vernon At Home is dependent on the time, energy and expertise of our volunteers. As a volunteer-driven organization, we are extremely grateful for the invaluable support of our many generous and skilled volunteers - thank you for your interest!

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to accommodate volunteer interests, skills, and schedules. Volunteers can work as much and as often as desired. Some volunteers consider their involvement a part time job; others are as involved as much as their busy lives permit. There is no required time commitment and a volunteer can say "no" to a request for help if it's inconvenient. Volunteers are contacted by the Mount Vernon At Home office by phone or email with the specifics of a member request. Volunteers then respond back to our office regarding their availability to assist with each request.

Becoming a volunteer is a simple process. First a prospective volunteer completes and submits the volunteer application form (see link below). All volunteers must agree to have Mount Vernon At Home perform a criminal background check conducted by an independent company via a secure online portal. If a volunteer wants to assist with transportation in their own automobiles, volunteers must also agree to an online driving record check and show proof of automobile insurance. After we receive an application, we send the prospective volunteer the password to the secure portal to complete the online check(s). After the results of the check(s) are received we ask the volunteer to come in for a brief welcome and orientation meeting in our office.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • transportation
  • light handyman maintenance
  • assistance with errands and household chores
  • home technology assistance
  • companionship visits/phone calls
  • office support
  • serving on Mount Vernon At Home operating committees
  • fundraising and grant writing

Volunteers do not have to be Mount Vernon At Home members. Thank you again for your interest in volunteering in our wonderful "village" organization. We look forward to working with you!



NV Rides is an internet-based application that Mount Vernon At Home volunteer drivers use to accept and schedule member transportation requests.  Click here to access NV Rides: